Milwaukee EC Tester – CD 611


Easy to calibrate, easy to use, durable and long lasting


Milwaukee EC tester – CD 600 series

Measuring (EC) electrical conductivity is the best way of checking the amount of salt or dissolved solids (TDS) in your water.

Milwaukee’s economical EC testers are easy-to-use and low cost instruments to measure quick and reliable, EC or TDS values. Milwaukee provides you with a range of pocket testers that will allow you to measure from very low to very high conductivity solutions. All EC/TDS testers compensate for the temperature variance

CD 611 EC meter, easy to calibrate, easy to use, durable and long lasting.

Comes in it’s own case with a small screw driver for calibration.


  1. Remove the protective cap,
  2. Turn the meter on with the ON/OFF Switch located on the top
  3. Immerse into solution up to the maximum immersion level.
  4. Stir gently and wait until the display stabilizes. The Meter compensates for the temperature variance automatically.
  5. Read the value on the display. This value has to be multiplied by a factor of 100 for the CD611 model, as shown in the upper left hand corner of the LCD to give direct readings in ppm (mg/l).


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