LED Street Light purple 6500/2700K (Dual)


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Every grow stage: The dual version 6500/2700k is a less hassle option that offers more freedom for growers short on time.

Street Light LED grow light strips are cost effective and highly efficient hydroponic lights. Perfect for propagation of light or as a supplement to HID lighting.

Self-cooling technology allows for far less heat to be emitted and instead creates a higher efficiency of light. Growers can reach their desired level of lighting output, without creating unwanted heat.

  • Long life, up to 50,000 hours ensures quality and durability
  • Sleek, robust aluminium housing
  • Zero Mercury content
  • No moving parts, virtually silent operation
  • Self-ballasted design with no adapters required
  • Growers covering a larger growing area can link up to 7 light strips together

LED Street Light 30cm Strip, 12 Watts, 6500/2700K (Dual), LED Street Light 45cm Strip, 18 Watts, 6500/2700K (Dual), LED Street Light 90cm Strip, 36 Watts, 6500/2700K (Dual), LED Street Light 120cm Strip, 48 Watts, 6500/2700K (Dual)


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