[HPS] GIB Lighting Pure Flower Spectrum XTreme Output


With 92000 lumens and over 1200 PAR, this lamp offers unprecedented light output. The Red spectral range has been maximised, the Blue spectral range minimised – as a result the light from this lamp is particularly suitable for plant flowering and fruiting

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  • Increased light output: 92,000 lumens
  • 2100K
  • E40 ceramic socket
  • 230 V
  • Intended for flowering
  • The “XTREME” version means increased luminous efficiency
  • To use only with a 600W ballast
  • Suggested surface from 100x100cm to 120x120cm

The light of this lamp is especially suitable to stimulate the plant’s flower and fruit development and increase the crops. As well for the vegetative plant growth, this lamp is excellent applicable. Both, red and blue light are heightened in this lamp.

This bulb is 200 Degrees Celsius cooler than standard bulbs and is A++ energy rated. 

Technical details: 
Power output: 600watt
Application: blooming phase
Operating voltage: 230 V
Lamp lighting (-20° C to +40 °C): 207V
Luminous flux (100 h): 92.000 lumen
Photon flux PAR PPF (100 h): 1180 µmol/s
Most similar color temperature (CCT): 2100 Kelvin
Lamp current: 6,2 A
Initial current: 8,0 A
Burning position: universal
Starting time: 5 min
Reignition time (free-burning): 2 min
Durability (12B5, failure rate 90%): 12.000 h
Total length (max.): 283 mm
Bulb diameter: 46mm
Bulb material: tempered glass
Socket: E40/45
Weight: 200g

Note: The lamp should be switched off for at least 15 minutes per week. A reflector and a ballast are needed for the operation. 


Pure Flower Spectrum XTreme Output 600w (Dual Spectrum), Pure Flower Spectrum XTreme Output 400w (Dual Spectrum)


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