Growth Technology Liquid Silicon


Silicon will strengthen the plants cell walls producing stronger healthier plants with massive root systems and increased resistance to pests and disease, can also be used as pH Up

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Liquid Silicon

Potassium silicate 6%. Silicon is a highly beneficial plant nutrient. It has an important role in cell wall formation, offering A mechanical strength to the cells and therefore, to the entire plant. In addition, adding Liquid Silicon to the nutrient tank will deliver bushier plants with darker foliage.  Liquid Silicon has a high pH, and therefore, can be used to raise the pH of hydroponic nutrient solutions. Additionally, extra silicon added is a bonus for the plants.

  • Strengthens plants
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Increases crop weight

Health & Safety:

This liquid needs safe and careful handling:

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling aggressive liquids
  • Always store in locked cupboards
  • importantly, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

1 litre, 5 litre


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