Green Qube Roof Qube Grow Tents


Space a problem? Then Roof Qube is your answer!

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Green-Qube Roof-Qube Grow Tents

The Roof-Qube is the WORLD’S first grow tent for attics, lofts and basements.

The Roof-Qube has been specifically designed and engineered for those people who are short on space. Its stands at only 1.8m high, so the Roof-Cube grow tent comfortably fits into spaces with a low ceiling height, including basements and attics. Its an angular roof allows it to neatly slot into attic spaces – the first grow tent on the market to do this.

You will also find the same cutting edge, innovative design as the Green-Cube grow tents, making the Roof-Cube easy-to-assemble, strong and durable. Our tents are designed and built to last.

      • Roof-Qubes have some of the thickest poles on the market and they are the only grow tent out there that has super-tough military waterproof zips.
      • Together with the exclusive uplift bar for gravity-fed hydroponic water systems such as AutoPots and IWS,
      • viewing windows,
      • double over sized socks to fit all ducting,
      • double stitched trim,
      • diamond cut superior Mylar fabric and outside passive vents,

The Roof-Qube really can give you everything that you need from a grow tent – at a price that is affordable.

The Roof-Qube is the world’s only grow tent with a pitched roof – ideal for attic and roof spaces.


Roof Qube 120 [120 x 120 x 180cm], Roof Qube 150 [150 x 150 x 180cm], Roof Qube 1224 [120 x 240 x 180cm]


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