CAN Fan Silencers


Reduce the sound pollution generated by fans

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CAN Fan Silencers

These extra light, super efficient silencers from CAN are a must for anyone using larger centrifugal fans that want to significantly reduce noise caused by airflow ( Like a muffler on your car ).

The Can-Silencers use high quality acoustic insulation for maximum noise elimination.

The Can-Silencer is placed inline with your fan, to reduce noise levels of your ventilation and extraction.

      • Compact, quiet and easy to install.
      • Lightweight.
      • Heavy duty metal construction.

100mm (45cmx180mm) [LxD], 125mm (45cmx180mm) [LxD], 150mm (45cmx300mm) [LxD], 160mm (45cmx300mm) [LxD], 200mm (50cmx380mm) [LxD], 250mm (45cmx300mm) [LxD], 315mm (50cmx380mm) [LxD]


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