CAN Fan 1 Speed Plastic In-line Tube Fan


Can be used as an intake or extraction fan

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CAN Fan 1 Speed Fan

The Can Fan Plastic In-line Tube Fan is a 1 speed, versatile backward curved centrifugal fan which can be used  as an extraction or in-take fan.

The Can Fan delivers strong air flow with less noise.

      • Has an external rotor motor, which have for decades proven their reliability.
      • Has an integrated thermal contact ( will cut out if it overheats )
      • Maintenance-free, these fans are made with long-life ball bearings.

Comes pre-wired and includes mounting bracket


Can Fan RK100L – 100mm / 270 m3/h, Can Fan RK125L – 125mm / 350 m3/h, Can Fan RK160 – 160mm / 460 m3/h, Can Fan RK160L – 160mm / 780 m3/h, Can Fan RK250 – 250mm / 830 m3/h


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