This controller from Bluelab  doses and records data of the pH levels of the hydroponic nutrient solution.
Thanks to the results given by the intelligent  Bluelab pH Controller connected , the exact knowledge of the pH level will weigh heavily in the success of your culture.

Thanks to this Bluelab controller permanently connected to monitors, the pHlevel of your solutions will be adjusted without any intervention on your part. It connects directly to your computer (wireless) which receives the data, and puts it continuously and in real time at your fingertips. Use the data for possible adjustments to obtain an optimal culture. You can also change the settings from your PC.

Control and monitoring of your pH is therefore carried out 24 hours a day. And this in order to know the best absorption capacity by your plants of the nutrient solution.

The  connected Bluelab pH Controller requires the Bluelab USB Connector Stick (sold separately).

Features :

  • Local and cloud data logging capability (free download Bluelab Connect software online)
  • Adjustment of control parameters from a local PC via Bluelab Connect Software
  • Option to view data and current status remotely via Google Docs™*
  • Automatic control and monitoring of system pH with tanks up to 200 US gal / 760 L
  • Vegetable green backlit LCD with adjustable brightness
  • Large, easy-to-read displays
  • Easy to navigate menu to program and adjust settings
  • Simple push button calibration with on-screen guide
  • High/low alarm flashing with control latch
  • Dosing locks to guard against overdosing
  • Auto restart dosing on restart after power loss
  • Water resistant wall mount design
  • One 13 foot (4 meter) acid/alkali resistant dosing tube provided
  • Use with Bluelab undiluted pH up or down
  • international food
  • Replaceable double bond pH probe
  • Separate Bluelab temperature probe (for pH ATC)
  • Replaceable peristaltic pump and tubing
  • Flow rate: 10ml/min

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