Aero 8 Cool Tube Reflector


Improves the light spread of your cool tube

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Aero 8 Cool Tube Reflector

Maintain maximum reflection & light coverage by upgrading your cool tube with this aero 8 reflector.

A new innovate reflector for the traditional cool tube which improves the light coverage area of the cool tube.

Excellent light coverage and performance, as well as being relatively lightweight for an air cooled reflector, which is perfect for use in tents.

So you end up with a cool tube that removes heat in the most efficient way possible coupled with performance of a Great 8 reflector.

Aero 8 Reflector is made with 95% reflective hammertone dimpled aluminium.

Suitable for 125mm and 155mm Cool tubes (Sold Separately )

Dimensions of Assembled Reflector :

Size: (H)  17cm  X (D)  65cm X (L)  65cm


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